57th Concurso de Paella Valenciana de Sueca Valencia
 3rd Pacific Semi Finals
Venue -Queen Victoria Market
513 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 300
Sunday 23rd April 2017
10am - 3pm 
The Schedule
Preparation will commence with teams at Queen Victoria Market 10 am.
Contestants will collect their ingredients from Market Suppliers 
Cooking will commence for all contestants at 12 p.m.
At 1.30 pm a 15 minute warning will be given.
At 1.45 cooking stops and the paella must be finished, ready to be taken for judging at 2 pm.
The winners, will be announced at 3 pm. 
The Judging Panel
The judging panel will consist of international and local representatives:
Juan Carlos Gafo Acevedo - Consul general Spain
Frank Camora; Chef and Owner Movida Restaurants - Australia 
Jesus Melero Martinez; Chef and Director of the International Sueca Contest-Valencia.
Josep Cortell Moya; Sueca Organisation Representative-Valencia.
Juan Valero;  Manager and Official Supplier of TARTANA rice-Valencia
Jose Luis Fowler Carpintero; Chef and Owner of Pepitos Restaurants-New Zealand 
​Leno Lattarulo; Chef and Owner  Simply Spanish Restaurants-Australia,
Winner of the Best Paella Outside Spain Sueca 2016
 Edrick Corban-Banks; Embajador del Concurs de Paella Valenciana de Sueca en el Pacifico 
Chef and Owner Casa Paella -  Tasmania 

The Recipe and Ingredients
The semi final will see teams prepare and cook a traditional Valenciana Paella within the specified time and at the conclusion present the paella to the judges for adjudication. In order that all the contestants compete  under the same conditions   the Competition Committee will provide each  Chef with  the following ingredients   
2 kilos Tartana Bomba DO Valencia rice 
1 litre  Moro Olive Oil 
4 dozen snails  (prepared and frozen)  
1.500 kg  green beans 
500g of favela, (soft grain beans )and
1 kg of lima (broad beans or white kidney beans)  
1 kg of ripe tomatoes  
1 head of   garlic 
1 packet of Tas-Saff  Tasmanian Saffron (1g) 
1 packet of Saffron powder  
2 Chickens 
2  rabbits 
Tasman Sea Salt   
1 tin of Spanish paprika
​All cooking equipment will be supplied ( except knives)

The judging panel will score the quality of the paella by the following criteria:

a) Rice texture and consistency 
 b) Taste: A rich flavor derived from fresh ingredients and high quality stock
 c) Colour
 d) The even distribution and symmetry of the ingredients
 e) Socarrat : The caramelised crispy layer at the bottom of the paella


​NB: further judges to be announced




56th International Paella Competition Pacific Semi Final Tasmania 2016 Contact: 0473 917 744